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Celebrating Artist Appreciation Month: A Visual of Our Commitment to Public Art and Placemaking

Ram Realty Advisors believes art and placemaking go hand in hand – from eye-catching murals that use towering buildings as their “canvas” to Artist-in-Residence Programs and interactive art; from commissioned mosaics, lobby artwork, stairwells, and creative sculptural use of historic materials; to parks and greenways.

Our commitment to art and supporting artists runs deep. Ram’s investment is eclectic, fitting the places we make relate to local values, enrich our resident’s quality of life, and contribute to the communities’ long-term vision for growth.

The logistics and cost involved in large-scale art often rely on private industry to underwrite public art, and Ram willingly works with public officials, community organizations, public foundations, and municipalities -- bringing the power of art to all. That public art has a secondary purpose, passively marketing our projects, influences how we weave original and eclectic artistic elements into our projects. Bringing community benefits to our projects, investing in artisans of all types working in many media, to a myriad of scales, representing the positivity, vision, and enormous talent – every installation shown here and the many more commissioned for interior spaces to be shared and appreciated by our residents, celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month.



Ram Realty Advisors LLC acquires and develops retail, multifamily, and mixed-use properties in select high-growth markets throughout the Southeast. The investments are capitalized by Ram-sponsored discretionary private equity funds and institutional co-investment vehicles. Since 1996, Ram has deployed in excess of $3.5 billion of capital. Ram and its predecessor entities were founded in 1978. The company is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and has offices in Tampa, Florida; Charlotte and Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and Nashville, Tennessee.


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