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Efforts to “save” the rocklands are based on a misunderstanding of the true conditions on site

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Miami, FL – January 16, 2015 –The Coral Reef Commons development site represents less than three percent of the Richmond Pine Rockland complex, and even less of the total pine rocklands in Miami-Dade County. Ram Realty Services is dedicated to the restoration of a significant portion of the land that we own. It should be noted that the Richmond Pine Rockland complex encompasses more than four square miles, of which 74 percent is under public ownership, with an additional 20 percent long ago developed by others.

Environmentalists opposing the development of the site have continuously misunderstood the facts and the current condition of the property.

The notion that the Coral Reef Commons site is a pristine forest is erroneous. Over the last 70 years the site has been used for military purposes, a medical research facility, commercial buildings, residential buildings, enclosures for animals, an incinerator and blimp bays. As such, the area is severely degraded and will continue to deteriorate unless significant resources and consistent management efforts are put into place.

The best prospect for regaining the natural environment is a comprehensive restoration plan such as the one Ram Realty Services is developing with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Under this plan, almost 40 percent of our property will be restored to its natural native state, set aside and maintained as a natural preserve in perpetuity – a standard never previously achieved in the region.


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