City of Oldsmar Wins Inaugural Award for Superior Transit Access

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OLDSMAR, FL – (August 8, 2018) – During the August 7, 2018 Oldsmar City Council meeting, Mayor Doug Bevis, on behalf of City Council, accepted the Superior Transit Access Recognition (STAR) Award from the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) for improved transit access during the redevelopment of Woodlands Square Shopping Center. Oldsmar is the inaugural recipient of PSTA’s STAR award.

Ram Realty Advisors, offices in Palm Beach Gardens, and Oldsmar were recognized for their efforts in creating an accessible crosswalk across Curlew Road that keeps pedestrians and bicyclists safe when traveling into the shopping center.

“The City wants all people to move freely and safely, including citizens using transit, people with disabilities, pedestrians and cyclists. Demonstrating the support, we recently adopted a comprehensive multi-modal transportation plan,” said Mayor Bevis. “Through the development agreement for the renovation of the center, the City requested enhanced pedestrian access. You don’t realize how scary it can be until you try to traverse a parking lot with cars and trucks and everything else.”

The STAR Award designation was developed by PSTA’s Transit Riders Advisory Committee (TRAC) to recognize the efforts of public and private organizations that have made a significant effort to provide safer and better-planned access for public transit riders in Pinellas County.

“The City of Oldsmar and their staff were proactive with the requirement for us to provide pedestrian connectivity to not only within the shopping center development but also adjacent road sidewalks, Oldsmar Sports Complex and adjacent residential community,” said Mark Van Dyke, Director of Development for Ram.

“The point of the STAR program is to make everyone aware of the importance of having pedestrian, bicycle, and non-driver safety as part of the decision-making process as centers are built and being redeveloped,” said PSTA TRAC Chair Gloria Lepik Corrigan.

“This is a shining example of the impact we can have on people’s lives when we work together as a community,” said PSTA CEO Brad Miller. “Mayor Bevis and the city of Oldsmar have absolutely set a new standard of transit accessibility, and we are hopeful to see other cities and municipalities follow suit.”

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