2-FOR-$25: Classy joint, not a greasy slice ‘n beer

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The Palm Beach Post – Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where we ate: Pizza Fusion, 4783 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens (in the Midtown plaza)

Could we do it: Yes. Did we? No – the food was under, but opting for a soda and multi-grain crust put us, with tax and tip, at $28.25.

What we ate: If you’re looking for a greasy affordable pizza to down with your buddies on a football Sunday, Pizza Fusion isn’t an ideal option. This isn’t Nick and Sal’s corner pizza joint – think Jerry Garcia and Mountain Girl. Pizza Fusion proudly boasts its eco-heavy niche, from recyclable pizza boxes, hybrid delivery cars and custom

We went with the Greek pizza, which was piled with mozzarella, feta cheese, organic tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, fresh basil, tomatoes and kalamata olives. We added the multi-grain crust for an additional $2 — a nice touch on an already tasty, quality pizza that wasn’t dripping in grease.

The large pizza (18″) was more than enough for two of us, although two hungry adults could finish it in one sitting. The extra large (28″) could probably feed at least three.

The water was free, and we shared a sugar-cane soda for $2.

Service: You have three options at Pizza Fusion – delivery, take-out or sit down. We dined outside, with a nice view of the plaza’s fountain. Our order was simple enough that it would have been tough to screw up, although our server brought us fresh grated parmesan cheese for no charge.

Options: There are plenty of choices, including gluten-free crust for an additional $5, giving celiac pizza lovers a rare chance to chow down. A basic large cheese pizza starts at $16 with additional toppings costing $2 apiece, or you can choose one of the many unique specialty pizzas. The menu also includes salads, sandwiches, wraps, natural sodas, organic beer and area wines. On Tuesdays, customers receive a free bottle of wine if they buy an extra-large pizza.

Would we go back? Sure, just not if the Gators or Dolphins are playing. This is a classy pizza joint – not necessarily in the décor, where you’ll feel at home in a T-shirt and sandals. But a pie will cost almost nearly double the price of a regular chain pizza joint, so we’d prefer to enjoy it by the fountain sipping on a glass of wine.

– Andrew Abramson

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